Woodward Park

Tulsa Family Photographer | Smith Family

I love this family! They met me early one Saturday morning to beat the summer heat. Their precious girl is turning 3 in just a few days and their little one is 6 months old so this was a perfect time to get shots of the whole family together and some individual shots as well. Here are few of my favorites from our session. Enjoy! TulsaFamily_5713-1blogTulsaFamily_5735-1blogTulsaFamily_5752-1blogTulsaFamily_5773-1blogTulsaFamily_5822-1blogTulsaFamily_5846-1blogTulsaFamily_5855-1blogTulsaFamily_5904-1blogTulsaFamily_5892-1blogTulsaFamily_5926-2blogTulsaFamily_5952-1blogTulsaFamily_5968-2blog

Tulsa Baby Photographer | Noam | 6 months

Little Noam is so adorable! I loved seeing him for his 6 month session. He had the best giggle and smile to go along with it. Here are a few of my favorites from his session. :) TulsaBaby_5489-1blogTulsaBaby_5492-1blogTulsaBaby_5500-1blogTulsaBaby_5520-1blogTulsaBaby_5540-1blogTulsaBaby_5550-1blogTulsaBaby_5558-1blogTulsaBaby_5568-1blog

Tulsa Baby Photographer | Eva | 6 months

So great to see sweet Eva. We met an early weekday morning and she had some adorable smiles waiting for me. I'm already looking forward to her one year session! Enjoy a few of my favorites below. :) TulsaBaby_4293-1blogTulsaBaby_4301-1blogTulsaBaby_4304-1blogTulsaBaby_4330-1blogTulsaBaby_4332-1blogTulsaBaby_4365-1blogTulsaBaby_4391-1blogTulsaBaby_4402-1blog

Tulsa Baby Photographer | Vara | ONE

I finished out Vara's Baby Plan on a beautiful Saturday morning. I can't believe she is one already!  She gave me lots of serious looks but we were able to grab a few smiles. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy! TulsaBaby_3660-1blogTulsaBaby_3665-1blogTulsaBaby_3675-1blogTulsaBaby_3689-1blogTulsaBaby_3707-1blogTulsaBaby_3718-1blogTulsaBaby_3726-1blogTulsaBaby_3728-1blogTulsaBaby_3748-2blogTulsaBaby_3757-1blog

Spring Mini Sessions 2015

I had such a great time doing my first ever Spring Mini Sessions this year! Everything was in bloom and looked beautiful. Thanks to all my wonderful clients new and old who let me capture your families this Spring! To find out more about future mini sessions or to be added to the newsletter contact catielawrencephotography@gmail.com.

Enjoy a few of my favorites!


Tulsa Children's Photographer | Ava & Mia | 3 years

It was so great to see these sweet sisters again! They were turning 3 years old so it was time to update their portraits! We had some gorgeous light and because of all of the rain lately everything is extra green which won't last long after the Oklahoma heat hits this summer. Here are a few of my favorites from their session. Enjoy! TulsaChildren_3493-1blogTulsaChildren_3486-1blogTulsaChildren_3441-1blogTulsaChildren_3456-1blogTulsaChildren_3429-1blogTulsaChildren_3449-1blogTulsaChildren_3539-1blogTulsaChildren_3556-1blogTulsaChildren_3579-1blogTulsaChildren_3583-1blogTulsaChildren_3605-1blog

Tulsa Baby Photographer | Reese | 6 months

Sweet Reese was so precious and ready to smile for her session! After having to reschedule and a chance of rain the day of our rescheduled date I'm so glad it ended up working out and the sun even decided to peak out just in time for our shoot! Here are a few of my favorites from our session. Enjoy!TulsaBaby_3161-1blogTulsaBaby_3188-1blogTulsaBaby_3199-1blogTulsaBaby_3210-1blogTulsaBaby_3214-1blogTulsaBaby_3228-1blogTulsaBaby_3245-1blogTulsaBaby_3269-1blog

Tulsa Baby Photographer | Nathaniel | ONE

Nathaniel is one of my 'Baby Plan' graduates! It was so fun photographing him throughout his first year of life. I just love watching how much he changed and grew. Here are a few of my favorites from his one year session! Enjoy! Just for fun....here he is at newborn and 6 months! TulsaBaby_1001-1blogTulsaBaby_1009-1blogTulsaBaby_1036-1blogTulsaBaby_1039-1blogTulsaBaby_1046-1blogTulsaBaby_1064-1blogTulsaBaby_1079-1blogTulsaBaby_1116-1blogTulsaBaby_1126-1blogTulsaBaby_1152-1blog