Tulsa Newborn Photographer | Jonah

My usual time frame to take newborn portraits are between 5-10 days of birth but sometimes circumstances don't allow that. This precious baby boy was in the NICU for about 5 weeks so by the time he came to see me he was nearly 6 weeks old. He was still a great little sleeper and seemed to love the nighty night pose the most. :) He has such sweet parents and a great big sister who love him so much! Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!TulsaNewborn_31185-1blogTulsaNewborn_31182-2blogTulsaNewborn_31159-1blogTulsaNewborn_31148-2blogTulsaNewborn_31191-1blogTulsaNewborn_31155-1blogTulsaNewborn_31213-1blogTulsaNewborn_31193-1blog